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Congratulations on the success of the Oreelaser Annual Meeting

01, 2019

by oreelaser

The year of 2018, it can be said that a good name for Oree laser. As a subsidiary of the OYade Group, we don't forget our original heart, live up to expectations, and move forward. In the New Year, let us meet a better tomorrow.

The theme of our annual meeting is “New Start, New Journey”. Why is it a new start? As our company continues to grow and the society advances, it puts higher demands on us, so it is still a new start and a new beginning for our company and every employee. For the new journey, we all know that the development of the enterprise is also a long journey, and it is crucial for every step in the development process. Every new beginning is a new journey. In the New Year and the new journey, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of hard work, down-to-earth, all the way through, and work hard to make the company a higher level.


At this annual meeting, each of us has put it to the heart of the effort, and the annual meeting is also full of exciting. Let us feel the wonderful moments together.


                                                                       Make a speech from our chairman

For Oreelaser, Mr. Zhou, our chairman reviewed the achievements of the company in 2018, summarized the work throughout the year and emphasized that we should take the simplicity, happiness, forge ahead, and innovation as the key words for future development. In the future development, we should continue to maintain the spirit of hard work, enhance internal management capabilities, recruit talents, take detours, and make progress together.


                                                                        Interpretation of the future blueprint



                                                                               Vibrant dance skewer


                                                                                   Powerful chorus


                                                                                  Solemn oath 


                                                                           ridiculous Language program




The awards ceremony has always been an important part of the annual meeting. The awarding of outstanding employees, advanced individuals, outstanding contributions, performance breakthroughs, sales champions and other awards are not only an affirmation of the winning employees, but also an incentive for all of our employees. In the New Year, the company will set up more awards and more honors for eneryone.


A year of dedication and harvest have been spent in our day's laughter. In a new year, for Oree Laser, we continue to deepen quality and service, and is committed to providing comprehensive laser application solutions for users around the world. For each of us, we have to be a dream catcher with a dream.

Finally, congratulations on the successful completion of the 2018 annual meeting of Oree Laser. In the New Year, we will go together and go further.

Bienvenue dans notre usine de découpe laser -OREE LASER

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